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Grow Your Business

Most small businesses don’t know how to use a website to grow their business, so it just sits there and collects dust. Fortunately, there are some very simple strategies you can use to quickly increase your income by using your website. Here’s just a couple benefits of properly using a website:

  • Automating your business. (Set appointments, FAQ, Marketing, etc… with your site)
  • Save time by letting your website work for you
  • Educate & Build trust with your customers
  • Marketing/Advertisements last forever
  • Create a community & Sell more products
  • Double or triple your income without working more
  • much more…

Best of all, you can do all of this WITHOUT a developer and WITHOUT a designer, even if you know little to nothing about computers. You and your team can easily manage the website yourself so you can save money, time, and have complete control over your business.

Build your own site

If you don’t have the budget to get a custom website, it’s totally fine to build the site yourself. In fact, you’re probably better off running your own site anyway in the beginning. There are programs that create a site with just a couple clicks. It’s fast, cheap, and so easy your grandparents could do it. Don’t waste thousands of dollars on a developer/designer. Just build it yourself.

Custom Solutions

Sometimes you aren’t able to get your website to look Exactly the way you want or do exactly what you want without a designer/developer. You may have unique needs that cannot be solved without digging into code. If you want a truly unique design or you want the website to do something unique, we can help you find an existing “plugin”, or we can create your website from scratch to help you get exactly what you want. Feel Free to Contact Me if you have any questions or need help.


Github Profile

Job Board

This app is built with Ruby on Rails. It’s a job board that allows you to show off college courses you’ve taken, GPA, and online courses you’ve taken. You can login as an employer and post jobs, or login as a job seeker. Use tags to narrow your search and search by location.

Online Course Aggregator

Built with Ruby on Rails. Learn various skills online and rate each site from 1 to 5 stars. If you’re logged in you can submit a new site that isn’t listed. I forgot to put a signup link on the homepage and I’m too lazy since this is just a demo site.

Travel To Do List

Built with Node.js & Bootstrap. This is a simple “Travel list” to keep track of all the things I want to do in a certain place. Create a list like “Canada” and then fill that list with “todos” by adding a todo and selecting the list it belongs in.

Author Bio WP Plugin

Just a simple practice plugin to learn WordPress development. Created a plugin to help a user add/remove their author bio from posts & pages

BlackJack Project

Built in Vanilla Javascript. Play blackjack. HIt, Stay, Double down, split, and make bets.

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